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A roof, if correctly chosen and installed, can be one impressive thing of absolute beauty that provides great value and aesthetics to your own dwelling. However, a roof happens to be more than the usual pretty facade. It is also your number-one line of defense against rain, snow, sleet, wind, etc. It is because of this that the proper repair and/or replacement of a roof needs being able to answer a lots of questions:

  • What design should you do?
  • What kind of flashing do you need?
  • Where should ventilation shafts be installed?
  • Are skylights wanted?

It just so happens that we, as the best roofer in Charleston, understand exactly how to answer each one of those questions. Having been in business for a while, we at Roofing All Star understand the subtleties of roofing, which is the reason why we highly recommend that you choose us for your residential and commercial roofing repair and replacement demands!

Speaking of which, under is a more complete record of the services we supply.

Residential Roof Replacing

It would really be fine if every roof could only be repaired now and again. However, the truth remains that each and every single roof should eventually be fully replaced using a new one. It charges a bit of cash, but it represents a fundamental aspect of home ownership and upkeep.

As a competitive Charleston, SC roofer our aim is always to provide such replacement services at budget-friendly rates. Furthermore, and more importantly, we make sure to use the correct stuffs, i.e., those that match the style and setup of home. Occasionally this means working with asphalt shingles, while other times this means working with metal, tin, copper, fiberglass, concrete, aluminum, etc. We have been prepared for all eventualities!

Understand also that we first carefully inspect your roof to ensure it really must be replaced. More times than not, we find that a roof only needs some fixes. We recommend off the bat that go with a simple repair job, unless your roof is more than 20 years, in fact.

Some of the factors we take into account when ascertaining whether a roof needs to be replaced include the following:

  • Whether or not the roof remains aesthetically gratifying.
  • Whether you intend to market the house anytime soon.
  • If it would be cheaper to just replace the roof.
  • Whether or not the roof has a dangerous quantity of alga.
  • If the ceiling underneath has started buckling.
  • Whether the roof has hit the 20-yr mark.

Residential Roof Repair

In the event you determine to go with the repair choice, have no anxiety, because as the very best Charleston roofing contractor, we’re ready to manage any repair job, regardless of the sophistication:

  • Nails are popping on the shingles.
  • The roofing materials is not properly torched down.
  • The flashing has become bent and brief.
  • There is simply too much caulk although not enough end.
  • Bathroom vents are attached to pile flashing.
  • The roof features punctures and escapes galore.
  • Water has started pouring along the roofing.

Our overall purpose is to mend the roof so well that you don’t have to telephone us again for a long time. This while, this means less company for us, in addition, it means happier customers — and that’s what drives us to do what we do every single day!

Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial roofs are another problem altogether. They range in the straightforward roofs of delis to the complex, multifaceted roofs of skyscrapers, conference centers and shopping centers. Regardless, we are prepared to handle all types of commercial roofs. In reality our, we have been taught by years of experience with Charleston, SC roofing how to deal with all sorts of commercial roofs:

  • Altered Bitumen Membrane Roofs
  • Built-Up Membrane Roofs
  • Metal Panel Roofs
  • Single-Perform Thermoplastic Membrane Roofs
  • Single-Play Thermoset Membrane Roofs
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam-Based Roofs

Moreover, we provide competitive rates for several setups. And like with residential replacements, we first completely scrutinize the roof to make sure a replacement is truly the best alternative for your building.

Commercial Roof Repair

Too often, companies overlook the massive need for proper commercial roof repair as well as care. This is an unwise attitude that we highly urge you avert. Why? Because averting proper care can lead to catastrophic outcomes: water damage and mold, outflows, destroyed goods and even aggravated clients.

Out goal as a critical South Carolina roofer is that will help you avert such eventualities. Additionally, we are able to handle all commercial building kinds, from office buildings to fast food chains, resorts, malls and much more.

  • Professional Assessment
  • Debris Removal
  • Patch Repairing
  • Add-On Layers
  • Regular Maintenance

Also, we are going to run the fixes having a minimal amount of accompanying noise or smell. This way, you will be able to to carry on running business normally.

Gutter Installment

If your house or commercial building lacks a gutter, then you have to invest in one right away. Without a gutter, a constructing cannot do away with rain that accumulates on its roof. This water will eventually sink in the roof, harming both the roof, in addition to the building’s inside components.

Should you rely upon our Charleston, SC roof firm to install your roof, we shall do this on site using a high-quality, rest The effect will be a timeless roof that’ll never rust or fall apart. Plus, the whole installation will only take a few hours.

Gutter Cleaning

We’re also ready to manage gutter cleaning. This is very important because clogged gutters would be the main cause of inside water damage. Plus, they direct to the distribution of rain onto your yard. Suffice it to say, you’re definitely not going in order to sustain a good garden in the event your gutters aren’t consistently cleaned.

The good thing is the fact that we can thoroughly clean your gutters in a secure and rapid mode. We’ll also clean-up the wreck we make, and we’ll supply all these services at a reasonable rate.

Trust The #1 Charleston Roofer

Proper roofing replacement and repair is no easy job. It requires ability coupled with experience plus a commitment to excellence. We possess all three. With that said, if you’re looking for roofing services in the Charleston metropolitan area, then we encourage you to truly reach out to us right away!

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