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A roof, if correctly selected and put in, can certainly be one awesome thing of total beauty which adds good benefit and good looks to your home. Having said that, your roof is a lot more than a nice façade. It is also ones primary form of protection against weather, snow, sleet, breeze, etc. It is because of this that the appropriate maintenance and/or change of a roof involves the ability to answer a lot of queries:

  • What design and style should you really choose?
  • What style of flashing do you need?
  • Where might ventilation shafts possibly be mounted?
  • Are skylights needed?
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

It just so happens that we, as the best roofing company located in Minneapolis, MN, comprehend specifically the way to answer every single one of these concerns. Having been in operation for quite a while, we at Roofing All Star realize the nuances associated with roofing, that is the reason why we strongly advise that you select us for your commercial and residential roof repair and replacement requirements!

Also, below is a much more complete listing of the services we provide.

Residential Roof Replacement

It could be awesome if every single roof top could just be mended every so often. However, the fact continues to be that each single roof needs to eventually end up being fully replaced with another one. It costs a bit of money, but it really represents an important part of owning a home and servicing.

Our purpose for being a highly competitive Minneapolis roofing company is to always provide such replacement services at budget-friendly prices. Moreover, and even more importantly, we ensure that you utilize the perfect products, i.e., those which go with the design and style of the home. At times this means working together with asphalt roof shingles, while in other cases what this means is working with steel, tin, copper, fiberglass, concrete, aluminum, etc. We are ready for all contingencies!

Realize also that we first carefully check your roof making sure that it actually has to be replaced. Usually, we find that the roof top just needs some fixes. Unless your roof is older than 19 years, in fact, we propose off the bat that go with a straightforward repair job.

A few of the factors we factor in while deciding whether a roof top needs to be replaced are the following:

  • Whether or not your roof is visually attractive.
  • Whether or not you’ve planned selling your property in the near future.
  • Whether or not it will be cheaper to only replace the roof.
  • Whether or not the rooftop contains a dangerous amount of algae.
  • Whether or not the ceiling beneath has started buckling.
  • Whether or not your roof has hit the 20-year point.

Residential Roof Repair

For those who opt with the restoration option, have no fear, because as the best Minneapolis, MN roofing contractor, we’re prepared to manage every repair project, whatever the difficulty:

  • Nails are emerging over the roofing shingles.
  • The roofing materials are not properly torched down.
  • The flashing has become small and bent.
  • There’s too much caulking yet not ample finish.
  • Bathroom vents are connected to stack flashing.
  • The roof has water leaks and punctures galore.
  • Water has begun pouring along the roof top.

The overall aim is to repair your roof so well that you just don’t have to get in touch with us once again for a long time. This while, this suggests less business for us, additionally, it means happier clients – and that’s just what pushes us to do everything we do every single day!

Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial roofs are one more issue altogether. They range from your simple rooftops associated with delis to the complicated, multifaceted roofs of skyscrapers, convention facilities as well as department stores. Regardless, we’re prepared to manage all sorts of commercial roofs. In fact our, years of experience with Minneapolis, MN roofs has taught us how to manage all kinds of business roofs:

  • Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofs
  • Built-Up Membrane Roofs
  • Metal Panel Roofs
  • Single-Play Thermoplastic Membrane Roofs
  • Single-Play Thermoset Membrane Roofs
  • Spray Polyurethane Foam-Based Roofs

On top of that, our company offers competitive rates for those installations. And as with residential replacements, we first thoroughly inspect the roof to make certain that a replacement is definitely the optimal option for your building.

Commercial Roof Repair

All too often, business people forget the tremendous value of appropriate professional roof top repair and maintenance. It’s an imprudent mindset that we strongly recommend you steer clear of. The reason? Simply because avoiding good maintenance could lead to disastrous outcomes: water damage and mold, leaks, spoiled goods as well as upset clientele.

Our aim as a major Minnesota roofing company is always to assist you to prevent these kinds of contingencies. Also, we’re able to manage most commercial building types, from offices to fast food stores, motels, shopping centers plus more.

  • Professional Assessment
  • Debris Removal
  • Patch Fixing
  • Add-On Layers
  • Periodic Maintenance

Moreover, we shall do the repairs using a minimal measure of accompanying noise or even smell. In this way, you’re able to continue doing work ordinarily.

Gutter Installation

In case your home or perhaps commercial building does not have a rain gutter, you will want to buy one straight away. Without having a rain gutter, a structure cannot do away with water that builds up on its roof top. This water will ultimately permeate the roof, damaging both roof top, as well as the building’s inside components.

If you trust in our Minneapolis, MN roof business to put in your homes roof, we will do so on-site with a high-quality, rust-resistant substance. The end result is a timeless roof which will never corrode or falter. In addition, the entire installation will only take a few hours.

Gutter Cleaning

We are additionally ready to handle gutter cleaning. This is important because clogged gutters are the main source of inner surface water damage. Additionally, they cause the unrestrained distribution of rainwater onto your grass. Suffice it to say, you’re not going to be capable of maintaining a very good garden if the gutters aren’t regularly cleaned.

The great news is that we can thoroughly clean the rain gutters in a secure and easy way. We’ll also tidy up the clutter we create, and we’ll provide all these products and services for an affordable rate.

Trust The #1 Minneapolis Roofing Company

Proper roof repair and replacement is no simple task. It will require technique coupled with practical experience and a dedication to quality. We possess all 3. That being said, if you are in need of roofing products and services within the Minneapolis metro area, then we urge you to get in touch with us without delay!

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