Why are Flat Roofs Common on Commercial Buildings?

Commercial Building with a  Flat Roof

The Reasons Behind Choosing a Flat Roof

Many people look at larger commercial buildings and wonder why a flat roof has been installed. While this may not make sense to the average, everyday person, those in the roofing industry know that the use of a flat roof is accompanied by a variety of benefits.

With so many advantages over pitched roofs, especially in commercial applications, there is no wondering why a growing number of people are opting for this type.

It’s Economical

Let’s face it: most people want to save money when it comes to the installation of a roof. This is particularly true in the event of a building that is being constructed by spec, from the ground up.

When compared to pitched roofs, flat roofs are much more cost efficient. There are a variety of reasons for this, including the fact that less material is necessary. This alone can go a long way in saving money.

Another thing to consider is the fact that a flat roof is easier to install, due to the fact that workers do not have to contend with the pitch. Subsequently, labor costs are much lower.

Easier to Inspect

This may not sound like a big deal upfront, but it is a benefit on a number of different levels. It is important for large commercial buildings to be inspected often, ensuring that they remain in good condition for tenants.

Since the roof is flat, it is simple to get on onto to inspect. Once on the roof, the inspector can walk around, still being careful, to look over the space and ensure that everything is the way it should be.

Increase in Usable Space

Many people don’t often think about this when it comes to large commercial buildings, but it is a definite benefit. Much the same as homes with a flat roof, when used in a commercial property a flat roof can help increase the amount of usable space on the top floor.

If space means money, and it often does when it comes to commercial office buildings, it is a must to squeeze out every last square foot. With a flat roof, there is no concern regarding strange structures on the top floor that can cut into the amount of usable space.

To sum things up, here are just some of the many reasons why flat roofs are common on larger commercial buildings:

  • Economical when compared to the cost of a similarly sized pitched roof
  • Easier to inspect regardless of time of the year or the person doing it
  • Increase in usable space, allowing the building owner to increase revenue

Now that you are aware of the benefits associated with the installation of a flat roof, you should be able to understand why so many commercial building owners are opting for this type. It can save them money upfront, make them money in the long run, and ensure that the roof is easy to inspect. These benefits are often times enough for a confident decision to be made.

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